Baby bedding dowry set

Baby bedding dowry set

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Inspired by the blossoming wild flowers of spring, Sunny Flowers collection is interwoven with the shine and tenderness of the first rays of sunlight. The embroidery of a yellow wildflower marks the whole collection, and adds a special delicacy to the bedding set. It will create memories to hand down to next generations. 


Beautiful baby bedding set Sunny Flowers is made from organic cotton sateen with wild flower embroidery design and a wool blanket in appropriate size. Created to provide natural environment for your baby's first dreams. Set also included a memory book and a wish card. Everything is packaged in a birch-tree box to preserve it and pass to the next generations, creating a new family tradition

Bedding set ideally serves also as baby shower gift and, to personalize it, your child’s name can be embroidered on the duvet cover integrated in the wild flower design.


- 100% organic cotton sateen
It is very soft and pleasant to touch and due to light gloss, it feels like silk. Very suitable for babies, as it is good for sensitive skin and can be safely taken into their mouths.
Fabric made in Italy, certified by GOTS.

- 100% sheep wool


1 x blanket 70 x 100cm (27,5 x 39,3 inches)
1 x blanket cover 70 x 100 cm (27,5 x 39,3 inches)
1 x pillow case 30 x 45 cm (11,8 x 17,7 inches)
2 x pillow sheets 20 x 30 cm (7,8 x 11,8 inches)
1 x sheet 100 x 140 cm (39,3 x 55,1 inches)
Memory book
Wish card

We recommend to use pillow sheet in your everyday use as it protects bed sheets from stains. You do not need to change the whole sheet, just put a new, clean one.


Delicate machine wash at 30 C
Spin dry on very low
Do not use dryers 
Do not use fabric softener or bleach as it may reduce the strength of the fabric and fade the embroidery. 
Warm iron as needed


Wool needs to be cleaned less frequently than other fibers, as its unique characteristics resist soiling.
Wool blanket will be thankful if you put it in the direct sunlight and give it a good shake in open air from time to time.  

Hand wash in cold water using only approved liquid wool detergent.
Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
Lay flat to dry
Medium heat iron if needed

If washing temperature too high or spin-drying mode used, wool blabket will be permanently damaged.


Please contact me in advance if you wish to add a personalized embroidery design on a duvet cover. We will do sketch and send it to you for confirmation.